Bubba Watson has issues…so he says

Bubba Watson – why we love and hate him…

I will readily admit that for some reason I like Bubba. I want him to play well and I, without no personal relationship to him, think that he ultimately is a good person that is a bit misunderstood.

But then again, I don’t know him. You can’t argue with his talent though.

Being essentially self taught, without a swing coach he has already won two majors and is a lock for the Ryder Cup.

Regardless if you are a fan of his or not, Bubba seems to leave pretty much everyone with a feeling of something. His free wheeling swing is exciting to watch, his length can overpower many golf courses, his imagination and willingness to try almost any shot, at least as long as it doesn’t involve hitting his driver in a straight line down the middle of the fairway…

However, we also know him for some of his emotional outbursts, his lack of patience on the course and sometimes strange behavior. Goofing around and posting selfies while at the same time refusing to participate in a one hole longest drive challenge for charity during a practice round in last years PGA Championship.

I can’t explain that.

Also him topping the list, with “player with an attitude” Patrick Reed a distant second, among the people his PGA Tour peers would be LEAST likely to help out in a parking lot fight came as a surprise to me.

So what exactly is going on with Bubba?

Read below to find out more!

Bringing down a drone was Bubba Watson’s idea.

“Dude, what would people rather see, me shooting baskets or obliterating a flying saucer out of the sky?” he asked, knowing his long list of YouTube hits (remember the hovercraft?) gave him tacit authority. “C’mon.”

With the drone still airborne after a couple dozen shots, Watson gets more immersed in the challenge, showing none of the exasperation he might during a tournament.

Alas, Watson is not always this loose. In competition, he’s often high-strung and irritable. Slow play drives him crazy, as do wet conditions, bad bounces and miscalculated distances.

Foreign venues, too, which is why at No. 3 in the world, Watson was not even among the top-10 favorites going into the Open Championship at St. Andrews, where his length and shotmaking should be ideal. His 2011 description of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris–“an arch; whatever; I rode around in a circle”–could have come from a Jeff Foxworthy riff on rednecks.

A standard Watson line is a variation of “I have issues.” Though never diagnosed, he is sure he suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). An expert in the condition, and a huge Watson fan, Dr. Edward Hallowell, longs for Bubba to let him help, likening Watson’s high creativity and low emotional control to a “Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes.”

And sometimes his behavior seems irrational, as when he refused to take part in a casual long-drive contest before the PGA last year in part because he hadn’t been informed, hitting a 3-iron before stomping off.

And, apparently, on locker-room protocol. In a recent ESPN poll of 103 tour players, Watson received the most votes (23, to second-place Patrick Reed’s 11) to a question that asked “—— is in a fight in the parking lot. You’re not helping him.”

Davis Love III, assistant captain of the 2015 U.S. Presidents Cup team and captain of the 2016 Ryder Cup team, will have Watson in his locker room. “There are some norms out here that Bubba doesn’t do that well,” Love says. “He doesn’t always say ‘Hi.’ And he doesn’t remember names. To some guys, that stuff matters a lot.”


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With his foundation, and his charities, Watson is well-established in philanthropy. He has ambitions beyond the scope of most golfers. “I can go through life the way I’ve been going, and everybody will still love me the same, but I would know deep down that I didn’t do more,” he says in the clipped cadence accompanied by steady eye contact that indicates he’s fully focused. “I feel like as an athlete/celebrity, whatever I call myself, I need to do more.

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