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This is a new one

I don’t know what to say other than “I haven’t seen this before…” “Smash factor” for golf… The number 1 reason why you’re… 0

How to quickly ruin your golfswing

Even the pros struggle with this one… What happens when a bunch of golf pros try to mimic a “viral” as in highly… 0

He clearly had not thought this through – trick shot gone wrong

When a simple trick shot has some unexpected side-effects This setup seems pretty standard these days when trick shot are the rage. For… 0

(VIDEO) Rory McIlroy has hairstyle problems?! A young interviewer grills him.

When it comes to interviews, this kid has Rory stumped. Few golfers in the world have had the public limelight like Rory McIlroy…. 0

(VIDEO) Never trust a friend in a golf cart

When your golfing partner did not pass his golf cart driver’s license exam… You should always pay attention when walking around on the… 0

(VIDEO) Can I see your driver’s license, please?

Driving a golf cart is easy…right? This clip starts of innocently enough. During a tournament on the Ladies European Tour, one of the… 0

(VIDEO) Quick tip for new golfers, don’t swing too hard…

When you literally swing out of your shoes… Golf isn’t exactly easy, even if you have been playing for a long while. In… 0


Not-so-perfect performances…again Following up from yesterdays post about professional golfers performing some very average golf shots, I simply can’t help myself so here… 0

(VIDEO) Golfer gets knocked out…

When the using a long putter isn’t helping you… We don’t know what the background story is here. Either it is a challenge… 0

(VIDEO) A painful way to hit a drive…

That one will leave a mark… Everyone who plays golf regularly is likely go goof around from time to time. Maybe try to… 0

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