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Drill for natural lag and swing speed

In this video, Alex Fortey and Shawn Clement show you a drill to get a great feel for generating natural lag. Guaranteed way… 0

How to start the downswing for maximum power

In this video ‘distance’ coach to the pros, Alex Fortey, explains the correct way to start the downswing to generate maximum power and… 0

The correct driver setup for your swing

In this video, Alex Fortey explains how you should setup with the driver. The trick is that the optimal setup varies based on… 0

Simple technique for effortless power

In this video ‘distance’ coach to the pros, Alex Fortey, explains how to let gravity help you generate effortless power for maximum distance…. 0

Gain yards by fixing your grip

In this video one of my favorite ‘distance’ coaches, Alex Fortey, talks about the importance of how you grip the club when it… 0

Guaranteed way to lower your handicap

My dad just turned 70 years old but he is still an avid golfer. Gain yards by fixing your grip Let gravity be… 0

The greatest short game lesson of all time?

Phil shares his short game secrets I don’t think anyone can argue that when Phil was at his best, his short game was… 0

3 Steps to Increasing Club Head Speed

Wrist, elbow, leg; simple as that! Far too often golfers hinder their club head speed by committing errors in three parts of their… 0

An Incredibly Simple Way To Get A Faster Swing

This great tip will massively increase your distance Why you will always suck at golf… The only thing the golf ball cares about…… 0

Add Up to 10 MPH to Your Clubhead Speed Today

Use this one simple drill to maximize your clubhead speed “Smash factor” for golf… The number 1 reason why you’re bad at golf…… 0

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