Guaranteed way to lower your handicap

My dad just turned 70 years old but he is still an avid golfer.

At his peak he played to a handicap of 4 but currently it sits at around 10.

I have been working with him lately to get his swing speed up.

Some of the drills we have been working on we got from here:


Why you may ask, are we working on his swing speed?

Well with age, his swing speed has dropped, as it does for almost everyone.

But there is still lots of things one can do go regain some of one’s lost swing speed.

If you need to be convinced why swing speed is what most golfers should be focused on, just take a look at this chart:

Handicap vs average swing speed


Do you see that?

The relationship between handicap and average driver swing speed is incredible.

Simply put, if you can increase your swing speed while maintaining your current level of control, your handicap will drop.

The faster your swing speed, the lower your handicap, on average.

Simple as that.

Of course, swinging out of your shoes is not going to help. You need to improve it without losing accuracy.

That is why we are focusing on specific, proven drills to increase swing speed without losing control.

The great thing about focusing on swing speed is that you can easily measure it.

If you work on getting a better short game, better putting etc it is much harder to measure your progress. It would also take a lot longer to see some measurable progress.

If you want to use the same drills that we are using, you can get them here:


As I was working on this with my dad, I put together a short series of tips, drills and techniques with only one goal in mind:

To increase swing speed without sacrificing control.

You can read the next article in this series by clicking the link below:

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