Has Tiger Woods turned the tide?

Is Tiger on his way back?

Tiger Woods is off to a good start in the Quicken Loans National tournament that started yesterday. He got off to a poor start and was 3 over par after 4 holes played but unlike most other tournaments that he has played this year, he was able to turn it around and finish at 3 under. It was reminiscent of the Tiger of old. So that begs the question, has Tiger turned the tide?

In a recent interview, Tiger gave his view on the matter.

Read the interview and see what Tiger had to say!

(CNN)In his prime he was in contention for almost every tournament he played in, but as his form dipped alarmingly, the last two years have been something of a wake-up call for Tiger Woods.

“It’s frustrating not to be able to win golf tournaments,” the former No. 1 told the PGA Tour’s website, ahead of the Quicken Loans National at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia.

“I’m not really there in contention very often, so that part is frustrating. But I know how close it feels and I know that I just need a couple shots here and there and it turns the tide.

“Every time I’ve had those opportunities, I haven’t done it.”

The 14-time major winner admits he took time off after a tough two days at St. Andrews in Scotland, but believes there are only minor kinks in his game that need ironing out.

“I didn’t touch a club for a week,” Woods said. “When I geared back up, I started doing testing and found a couple little things, but it wasn’t anything major, which was nice.

“Some of my swings just weren’t quite right and I worked on a few things and feel pretty good now.”

“The neat thing is I’ve done it before,” Woods explained. “I’ve gone through this and unfortunately sometimes I have to get a little bit worse before I can make a giant stride to get forward.

“I didn’t think it (the latest swing change) would take this long. But things are starting to come together. Again, I’m sticking with it, sticking with the process and just trying to make progress each and every day.”


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