Hit or Miss – John Daly as Ryder Cup captain?

Would Daly make a good Ryder Cup captain?

John Daly is said to be lobbying for being considered as a Ryder Cup captain in the future. Most pundits and golf traditionalists seem to think the idea is ridiculous, presumably because Daly doesn’t fit the image of what a captain “should” be like and he certainly has a different personality that past captains, at least as far back as I can remember.

And let’s not forget about the pants:

John daly ryder cup captain pants

Personally, I think it could work out well. Daly is still very popular among the general public since people can relate to his less than perfect actions and I think they appreciate that he has been pretty open about his flaws.

He also seems like a really nice guy and every time I hear him being interviewed, I get the feeling that he is a good guy that have had some struggles in life but typically tries to do what he believe is the right thing.

Also, I think that having John Daly as a captain would be very good for TV ratings, which apparently were abysmal last time around. Daly would also draw so much attention that the players would get some more space to themselves which should positively impact their performance.

The players would go into the event knowing that they are likely to have a good time and would be more relaxed, which I see as a positive.

After all, Daly did win two Majors so he also knows what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Read on to find out some more reasons why Daly would actually be a good pick as Ryder Cup captain!

Here’s why “John Daly, Ryder Cup Captain” is not an absurd proposition:

He’s Right: It’s Supposed To Be Fun

Instead of a friendly international exhibition, the Ryder Cup has become an increasingly jingoistic circus. Worse, much of this feeling is unnatural and forced. This isn’t Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics; half the European roster are beloved regulars on the PGA Tour.

Forget winning or losing consequences; having Daly in the mix will return a sense of camaraderie to the event.

The Outfits. Oh, The Outfits.

For the unaware, one of the responsibilities of Ryder Cup captaincy is input on the team’s ensembles. Meaning the Americans could march out in this:

John Daly american flag pants

If the Yanks role out in these uniforms, I don’t care what the scoreboard says. In my book, we’re going to be winners.

Daly Would Take Away Pressure From The Players

Let’s not sugarcoat it: despite his immense popularity among the galleries and fellow pros, the “Wild Thing” rubs many the wrong way. Daly’s captaincy would be met with immense scrutiny from the press and the game’s establishment.

It Would Inject Desperately-Needed Pizzazz

The 2014 Ryder Cup was slaughtered in TV ratings.

While golf zealots tune in no matter the ancillary factors, the event needs to draw in the general crowd. Adding Daly to the mix would help garner such eyes.

The Prospect Of Daly Making Himself A Captain’s Pick

It’s about time we bring back the player-coach concept. It worked for Paul Newman in Slap Shot, dammit! Besides, what better way to get the crowd into a frenzy than an unannounced Daly teeing it up during Sunday’s singles matches? Hell, even Ian Poulter would smile at that. Maybe.

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