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If you are looking to add some (or many) extra yards to your drives, then you should pay attention.

There is a great program called Intelligent Distance Golf Training.

The program was created by Alex Fortey, whose smooth swing clocks in at an easy 127 mph…

He has also been hired by numerous golf pro’s looking to amp up their swing.

Now you can reap the benefits from Alex’s knowledge as well.

He has created a program that will make it possible for every golfer to add a significant number of yards to their drives.

Intelligent Distance Golf Training is made up by 40 drills and 40 exercises.

These drills and exercises are time-tested and proven to add up to 40 extra yars in only 40 days.

At a price of only $47 this program is normally a steal.

However, if you act TODAY, you can get Intelligent Distance Golf Training for ONLY $1!

You then have full access to the entire program for 30 days. If you con’t like it, you don’t have to pay the remaining $46.

I don’t know how long Alex will make this special deal available so if you want a proven, step by step method for quickly adding massive distance to your drives, then take advantage of this special pricing right now!

Click the button to get Intelligent Distance Golf Training for $1:

IDGT Discount

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